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Wadi Makkah is a platform of startup companies from innovation and scientific research through three main programs:

  • Innovation Center: Helps the innovators by providing the necessary technical services to transform innovative ideas into economically viable products.
  • Accelerator: Helps the entrepreneurs to transform innovative product to startup companies by providing consulting services, training, mentoring, funding and office spaces, in addition to accessing the market.
  • Venture Capital: Designed to provide the necessary investments for the startup companies to achieve the growth and sustainability by connecting them with Angle Investors and Venture Capital networks.

Startup Companies


Averos was created to offer reliable, high performance solutions for traffic and crowd monitoring using WiFi (wireless communications)

Email : info@averos.com


CoreBlu Product


This company offers high precision indoor GPS system that uses CoreBlu sensors that sends signals to an application loaded on mobile devices. The application features a 3D map of the location and provides voice navigation to requested locations without the need for an internet connection.

NaviBees could be used in various locations such as airports, hospitals, university campuses, shopping malls, stadiums, and others.

Email : info@navibees.com


Indoor Navigation (Navibees) Product


LUCIDYA offers a special search engine to monitor and analyze social media content on Twitter by the location and time of tweets. The engine collects, stores and analyzes millions of tweets on a daily basis then gives comprehensive reports on the information in the tweets. LUCIDYA could be used in the field of security services and as a decision support system.

Email : info@lucidya.com


Taghreed Product


SoftCare provides innovative technical solutions to serve in different medical fields such as physiotherapy clinics, monitoring the quality of sterilization in hospitals, and autism and medical emergency centers.


iOnHands Product

BioKubes Company

It is a comprehensive, automatic, biological checking platform for checking the extracted microbes from various products samples such as foods, agricultural and medical products, soil samples and drinking water. The platform is equipped with automatic and laser control system for spotting the location, quantity and quality of the samples. It is characterized with three unique functions that are not found combined in any other platform: 1) bacteria incubation and preparation for classification, 2) bacteria species characteristics extraction, and 3) bacteria identification. All these 3 function operate with no human intervention at all.

Email : info@biokubes.com


BioKubes Product


CONVEX offers a comprehensive system for monitoring the movement of transport vehicles and tracking their routes, their stops, and current location by fixing tracking devices on the vehicles. Transportation operators can monitor the routes and navigation of their vehicles on an interactive user’s screen, in addition to a smart phone application that enables passengers from the service as well.


CONVEX Product


It provides image and video analysis using computer vision to transform traditional crowd management that consumes a lot of time, effort and human resources, into a smart system that counts, analyzes and predicts crises in an automatic way that supports easy decision making.


It provides a system for smart navigation in smart cities by using advanced computer vision and the latest telecommunication technologies. TRAFFIXITY offers smart sensing and advanced telecommunication and sophisticated data collection and management systems to help support decision making in smart cities.




It is a smart phone application that serves pilgrims and visitors by providing a variety of services including directions and instructions for performing their pilgrimage. It comes in different languages, and provides complete airport-to-airport support.


Smart Hajj Product


It offers a platform for counting the number of tweets sent through personal hashtags about a special event while people participate in the event. The platform counts the most number of a hashtag after filtering and monitoring their appearance, in addition to the most important feature that identifies trends from these events.


Eventyzer Product


It offers an application on smart devices targeting owners of traditional shops and websites to provide delivery drivers round the clock to deliver their products to their customers at their homes. Any vehicle owner can apply to join in the delivery service provided that they sign a contract with the company to guarantee getting the commission agreed upon. This service acts as a link between dealers and their customers by facilitating the delivery of their products.

Email : info@tawseel.sa




It offers multiple smart devices that work together to transform normal homes into smart homes by providing monitoring and control of home appliances from anywhere in the home, or outside.

Email : info@smartbreez.com


BREEZ Product

Startup Companies Clients

The High Presidency of the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque

Use of smart indoor navigation to transform the guidance inside the Holy Mosque in Makkah from one that is based on human individuals to an electronic system, in addition to providing extra information about locations and services.

Holy Makkah Municipality

Smart Trash-Containers to detect the remaining capacity and monitor the collection operations in Holy Makkah.

Ministry of Hajj

Developing the application ‘MANASIKANA’ to serve the pilgrims and visitors through downloading an application on smart phones that provides a variety of services and directions in several languages.

King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah

Developing an electronic application for monitoring hand sterilization process by health professionals and practitioners inside hospitals, which is sent to a server that analyzes the information, compares it with international standards, and shows the results on a web platform.

GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation)

Developing an application for smart indoor navigation at King Khaled Airport in Riyadh to give passengers electronic navigation guidance and services inside the airport’s premises.

Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities

A contract for smart navigation during the Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Forum.

Resta Tex Expo & Forum in Jeddah

Developing a smart navigation inside the exhibition and building a smart platform for showing and counting the number of tweets on Twitter through the exhibition’s hashtag.

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

Organizing an indoor navigation during the ‘Jeddah Young Businessmen Expo 2015’ in Jeddah that gave an electronic map of exhibitors’ locations.

Ejadah Confex Saudi Creative Economy 2016

Building an electronic application for easy navigation for visitors inside the exhibition’s aisles.

Ministry of Health

Building a comprehensive and integrated electronic system for connecting all the hospitals operating in Makkah and the holy sites in preparation for the Hajj Season.

RED SEA Mall (Jeddah)

Establishing a navigation system by which shoppers can locate shops and services available at the mall.

Dar Al-Hekma University, Jeddah

Building an indoor navigation system of the university campuses for the students and staff to easily access the university’s different locations.

The High Presidency of the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs

Building a crowd simulation model for Hijr Ismail to find d way to segregate men from women during Hajj Season.

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