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About the Company

     Is a subsidiary of Wadi Makkah Technology Company, established by the Board of Directors on 16 Jumada Thani 1435H. Which aims to attract developers and real estate investors to develop the assets of Umm Al-Qura University and the assets granted to Wadi Makkah in order to diversify and increase the sources of income and improve the university lifestyle and the environment conducive to creativity and entrepreneurship.


   Optimize investment in land and property by developing resources and enhancing our role in building a knowledge society and economy.


   To be the pioneers in creating the potential entrepreneurial environment for creativity and innovation to achieve economic growth and enrich local content.

Company Services

1- Property management

     We seek to create a stimulating environment for creativity and entrepreneurship and to attract quality investments that enrich the quality of life and the business environment, with the aim of contributing to increasing revenues and diversifying sources of income.
– Managing buildings and common spaces (spacetime)
– Managing the portfolio of real estate assets from the university’s lands and properties

2- Urban development

     In urban design and development, we are keen to apply the concepts of smart buildings and the Internet of Things to contribute to improving the quality of life in Saudi cities.
– Design
– Implementation
– Furnishing
– Smart Building Systems

3- Development investment

      We select investment opportunities in quality projects that enrich the quality of life and work environment and achieve sustainable financial returns.
– Investment Opportunities