A project set to produce, publish and distribute Arabic language teaching series for non-native speakers with an interactive manner in four levels including; voice recordings, real and cartoon video clips, smartphone application to cover students’ basic skills represented in reading, writing, speaking and listening. This project is the first of its kind in terms of content quality and product type. The project is designed by a constellation of specialists in the Institute of Arabic language for Non-Native Speakers at Umm Al-Qura University besides Wadi Mkkah Technology Company which implemted the technical part of the project.

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These are standardized tests to measure language skills for the Arabic speakers or non-speakers besides Arabic standardized tests in specific fields such as medical and engineering fields and etc..

These tests will be a certified reference to develop institutional capacities not only at the local level, but also at regional and international levels. These tests were designed in collaboration with the National Center for Assessment within the keenness to provide integrated tests using a scientific approach


Being aware of our responsibility towards entrepreneurs by such mean of supporting and assisting them to market their startups projects, we have organized the the1st Saudi Startups Forum through which we endeavored to consolidate culture of entrepreneurship in the Saudi community and linking the entrepreneurs and owners of startups with the investors and venture capital funds to obtain investments which ensure growth of their projects and turning them from microenterprises to small, medium and large businesses contributing effectively to boosting development wheel and enriching local content besides recruiting expertise and local and international companies to participate in this forum. After the impressive results of the forum, it will be organized on annual basis to contribute significantly to achieving sustainable development, creating job opportunities and finding environment supporting and incubating innovation and creativity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so as to achieve added value for the national economy. 

Saudi Startup 2017 Reports