Makkah Valley Company Knowledge

company profile

Wadi Makkah Al-Maarifa Company is a limited liability company wholly owned by Wadi Makkah Technology Company, it was established by decision of the Board of Directors on 6 Shaaban 1438 AH With the aim of investing in intellectual production. The company works to provide advisory services to government and private agencies, in order to play its role in knowledge transfer. In addition to its investments in producing quality educational materials, such as scale, Iqra bag, scale, Abjad bag, Maqam and other educational projects.


investment in intellectual production, knowledge products, education and training services, knowledge transfer and dissemination in order to enhance our role in building a society and knowledge economy h4>


to be a driver and reference in the industry, dissemination and investment of knowledge to achieve economic growth and enrich local content

company services

1- Providing senior management consulting services

2- Testing and evaluation services

3- Audiovisual production and marketing

4- Operation and Maintenance

5- Managing and operating printing presses, advertising and digital and non-digital marketing works

6- Designing, implementing, managing, operating, importing and exporting products

7- Invest in start-up consulting firms

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