Startup Companies

Companies owned by entrepreneurs and divided into three different types as following, companies incubated by Wadi Makkah with investment not exceeding 25 % of total capital, companies incubated by Wadi Makkah without investment, companies which are not the product of Wadi Makkah business accelerator and incubator, with investment rates not exceeding 25 % of total capital

توصيل 1

Tawseel Company


Offers a smart device application that provides round the clock messengers for home delivery of products, and other different packages in record time. Vehicle owners can join the delivery service after signing a formal contract with the company to guarantee credibility.

tawseel 3


Lucidya Company


Electronic Platform that provide real time media analytics & monitoring tools to make smarter strategic decisions for companies and enterprises.



نافي بييز

Indoor Navigation Company (Navibees)


NaviBees offers a high performance indoor GPS system using(CoreBlu) sensor that will send signals to a mobile device loaded application. This application will feature a 3D map for the location.



افيروس 1

Smart Cities Company


Offers innovative technical high performance solutions to monitor, locate and follow assets, traffic & people. The solutions will also provide data analysis options.




Medical Laboratory Company (Biokubes)


Comprehensive automated platform & system for checking microbes extracted from different product samples such as food, agricultural products, medications, soil & drinking water samples. The Platform is equipped with an automated laser control imaging system to spot the location, quantity & quality of the bacteria.



Breez for smart Control


Offers multiple smart devices system that work together to transform normal homes to smart homes providing complete monitoring and control of home appliances from anywhere outside the house.


سوفت كير

Softcare Company


Offers innovative technical unique solutions for medical field to empower both governmental and private sectors through its smart services and products. Soft care works professionally on creating and developing unique sites and applications and design platforms for users



تقنيات ادارةالحشود

Crowd Management Technology Company

Provides images & videos computerized analysis to transform traditional crowd management to smart systems that count, define and predict crises in an automated smart way to support easy decision making.



Convex Company


Offers a comprehensive system to monitor the movement of private vehicles and track its routes, stops, and expected time to reach stops



Traffixity Company


Traffixity provides an intelligent transportation system implementable in cities using advanced computer vision and offers advanced sensors to support traffic decision making.



Hazen Company


A computer vision-based technology for monitoring crowd management and traffic jams.


على خطك

AlaKatk Company


An application providing food delivery services using smart technology that facilitate food ordering process




Hroof Company


A company specialized in Visual Communication building, through Video marketing using Motion Graphic technology helping companies and businessmen introduce and present their ideas and products creatively.




Suplift Company


A collaborative educational platform for learning and practicing new hobbies and leisure activities with local experts.




Tansees Company


A company specializing in extracting and documenting data and information from audio and visual content of events, meetings, sessions, meetings and other events.




Remal Ventures


Remal provides high-quality software and technical solutions by investing its creative ideas using the latest in innovative technology. Remal seeks to make a positive impact and added value to the life of its customers, especially the youth and to the society overall.