Malaz Capital Managing Director, Silicon Valley Startups Investor Visit Wadi Makkah

Malaz Capital Managing Director, Silicon Valley Startups Investor Visit Wadi Makkah

{:ar}عضو صندوق الملز ومستثمر الشركات الناشئة بوادي السيليكون في زيارة لشركة وادي مكة{:}{:en}Malaz Capital Managing Director, Silicon Valley Startups Investor Visit Wadi Makkah{:}

The headquarters of Wadi Makkah Technology Company was visited by Dr. Osama Hassanein (Investor at the Silicon Valley Startup Sector in California, Chairman of Rising Tide Fund Company and Chairman of Wadi Tech Company) and Dr. Abdulaziz Jazzar (CEO of Malaz Capital). The visitors were received by Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazy (Vice-President of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) for Development and Entrepreneurship), a number of UQU deans, as well as a number of Wadi Makkah affiliates and startup founders.

During the visit, the two guests reviewed Wadi Makkah’s research and knowledge-based products and investment opportunities that could be taken there. In addition, they visited the Electronic Sensors Factory. As a result, they praised the knowledge-based products, modern technologies and various startups in many domains. Then, the honorable guests listened to a presentation by Dr. Abdullah Murad and Dr. Majed Abdullah on the future plan and achievements of Wadi Makkah Tech. This was followed by a brief presentation on each startup in Wadi Makkah.

Afterwards, Dr. Osama Hassanein gave a scientific lecture about Silicon Valley and the mechanism of linking it to the Arab World. He demonstrated his experiences in this domain, especially those related to startups, investment in such sector and the extent to which it affected the development of the knowledge-based economy. He also expressed his happiness and welcome to contribute to linking Wadi Makkah at UQU and Silicon Valley, California. Hailing the achievements of Wadi Makkah, he pointed out that it was largely qualified for such linkage and joint cooperation. He added that this would be achieved within the framework of such obvious vision and abundance of such national and global efficiencies in Wadi Makkah. 

In the same context, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Jazzar said that he was definitely happy and proud that one of the technology valleys in KSA reached such stage of development and progress. He added that Malaz Capital would contribute to the support of the current and future startups in Wadi Makkah. Moreover, he said that the Capital was completely ready to cooperate with Wadi Makkah in all its ambitious activities and events.  

In turn, Dr. Hani Ghazy stated that the visit was part of the objectives and plan by Wadi Makkah to reinforce knowledge exchange with interested entrepreneurs and startups and transfer their expertise to Wadi Makkah. Besides, he added that such visit aimed to open the horizons of cooperation to discuss the domains of knowledge and economy that can benefit the two parties. He also praised the support of Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, UQU President, for all programs and activities of Wadi Makkah. He added that such support prepared the appropriate innovative environment in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030.



Source: Umm Al-Qura University News

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