Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are fully aware that our success at the national level means that our initiatives and vision play an essential role in ensuring the success of future generations. In order to make further progress in this regard, we invest in our region and the people we work with and contribute to building healthy and adequate societies. To this end, we provide financial and social benefits to our communities through employment, direct and indirect economic stimulation from our business activities, as well as charitable acts and social responsibility initiatives.


Criteria for the social and community responsibility strategy


It means improving the position of Wadi Makkah and its subsidiaries so that it reflects positively on the identity of the Company.


It means addressing the urgent needs of society and communicating with the relevant authorities.


It relies on the use of a new approach or innovative technology to highlight the pioneering role of Wadi Makkah.


This ensures that it is aligned with the Company’s values ​​and strategy and is an integral component of the business.


It encourages the creation of a culture of social responsibility and generates a sustainable positive impact.

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Target group

– Business environment

– Talented

– Meccan community

– Stalled projects

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