Wadi Makkak Affiliates

Multi-purposes sub companies fully owned by Wadi Makkah Technology Company

شعار تلال النماء

About The Company


An affiliate of Wadi Makkah Company, established by the Board of Directors Resolution dated  16  Jumada Al Thani 1435 H with a capitalof 5 Million Saudi Riyals.



1- Invest in Um Al-Qura University & Wadi Makkah Company assets, facilities, and in other external projects.

2- Urban development of residential, commercial, Business buildings, and residential districts.

3- Build up a stimulating environment for creativity and innovation.

4- Design, establish, furniture and operate entrepreneurship centers.

شعار بياك

About The Company


Provide business acceleration & incubation services collaboratively with local & foreign expertise to support entrepreneurs. Established by the Board of Directors Resolution dated 15-6-1436 H with a capital of SR 12 Million.


1- To provide business acceleration services for innovative entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into projects ready
to enter labor market

2- To provide business incubation services for innovation-based startups.

3- To provide training services for innovative entrepreneurs to prepare them for establishing their own companies

4- To provide technical, skill, administrative and legal consultation services for innovative entrepreneurs.

5- To proviide initial prototypes for innovations of entrepreneurs.

6- To carry out work plan of Wadi Makkah Fund for investment in startups.